things I never knew i needed...until i found them on amazon

I am loving these Ghostek Rapture Series Headphones. They are comfy, sleek, and work perfectly at the gym or at home!

This Mandoline slicer has made slicing up my fruits and veggies so much easier! Use code "CHSNEY10" to get 10% off!

I love this oversized sweater and I love that its under 25 dollars.

I am loving these Eufy smart light bulbs. I use my Amazon Alexa to control them and its so nice to turn on a lamp across the room and not have to get up. I also love that I can change the color of white light as well as make them a fun color. 

This jacket is an amazing dupe for a Patagonia. Its light but warm AND its under 50 dollars. This jacket is the best purchase I've made in a long time

As a kid I loved my Barbie Polaroid camera so this little printer gives me all the nostalgic feels and I love it. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and is so easy to use. 

This Samsung charger that charges my Iphone 8 without cords even though its not an Apple product.






This grill that makes clean up a breeze. Like seriously you can make pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns on this grill all at once. And guess what?! No dishes.

These glass straws have extremely upgraded my drinking experience.

This marble Mac Book case that made my laptop feel fancy/protected