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building brand relationships with apexdrop

Hey guys! Today I wanted so share an answer to a question I get asked a lot and that is "how do you build relationships with brands?" One reason I became a blogger is because when I found a new product I loved, I shared it with everyone. This passion made me want to build relationships with the brands I love, while discovering new ones, but it wasn't always easy. When I first started blogging I had no idea that most PR work comes through marketing companies not brands directly. I had no idea. Queue ApexDrop. ApexDrop is a marketing company thats works as a liaison between brands and bloggers/influencers. They find the brands that want to work with bloggers on social media and pair them with bloggers who want to work with brands. It's that easy. 

When ApexDrop has a new collaboration they send you an email to see if you're interested. They're very straightforward with what the brand is looking for and you decide if it's a match. From there you click "Apply to Collab." This is where you tell ApexDrop and the brand why you would like to collaborate with them. They then review it and let you know if you're accepted into the collab via email. From there you receive the products and post about them on your Instagram within a week.

Afterwards, you fill out a brief survey and send them the links to your content. They ask you in the survey if you would like to collaborate with the brand again and if you say yes they pass along your email to the brand. This has led me to some great relationships with some awesome brands. Their customer support is awesome too. One thing I love about ApexDrop is if you get a product you don't feel comfortable sharing you can email them about about it and theres no obligation to collab. This has NEVER happened to me but its nice to know they have you and your audiences' back. 

Around the page are just some of the awesome collaborations I have done with ApexDrop over the last year. ApexDrop has been so wonderful to me and I highly recommend you check them at

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