artis brushes vs knockoffs


I've wanted to do a comparison on these brushes since I received the Artis brushes in December. I noticed several similarities between the two and considering the price difference figure its worth mentioning. Basically, I rated them on a couple critical criteria that I expect from a makeup brush that I use on a day to day basis and those are as followed: 

Aesthetics: I gave this category to the Artis brushes. Their mirrored finish are a nice edition to my makeup collection

Durability: I also gave this to the Artis brushes. Their metal like construction makes them much more durable than the plastic composition of the ibeauty brushes.   

Flexibility: I give this category to the ibeauty brushes. The plastic allows much more flexibility when applying foundation. The metal like composition of the Artis Brushes do not bend when applying foundation. 

Size: I'm going to call this category a tie. While I love the variety of sizes that are available for purchase in the Artis collection I feel that the 5 piece brush set should come with a larger foundation brush. I often find myself reaching for the bigger ibeauty brush to blend my foundation past my neck line and at a 60 dollar price point I do not see myself going to buy the larger Artis brush any time soon. 

Product Absorption: The category goes to the Artis brush but not buy much. When cleaning the brushes side by side I found the Artis brushes hold about 25% less product than that of the ibeauty. 

Softness: Tie. Oddly enough these products side by side feel the same! While the Artis are made of higher quality material there is no noticeable difference between the softness of the two sets.


Overall, I do give the edge to the Artis brushes. They're going to last longer than the knockoffs and hold less product. That being said 170 dollars is a lot for five brushes. If you're wanting to try these brushes and do not want to shell out 170 dollars I recommend the ibeauty brushes. I picked mine up at Marshals for 20 dollars and have had no problems out of them. I love the way these brushes make foundation look flawless and how easy they are to use. I highly recommend both of these products and hope this review was helpful.