Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing great! Today I wanted to talk about something that I really think changed the game when I began blogging and that's lighting. Lighting is so important because it changes the quality of your photos and videos. Natural lighting is of course the best but that is not always available so I have two go to solutions.   

My first suggestion is this Newer ring light kit. This was my first lighting upgrade. It comes with all the tools needed to create studio quality lighting at home. I personally think this light works really well and is at a pretty good price point. I have been using mine for a year and a half now and it still works perfectly. I got mine from Amazon and you can too by clicking the link in the picture.

My second lighting suggestion is way cheaper and works really well for what it is and thats a selfie light. Hear me out. Most people know that selfie lights can help you take bomb selfies but what you might not have thought of is flipping that light around and using it on the other side of your camera. It works really well and I do this all the time. They're cheap and also super portable. I use mine all the time when I need a quick shot and don't want to pull out the big ring light. Mines from Amazon (shocker) and you can get the same one with the link in the picture. 

Obviously, natural lighting is free and works really well but I thought I would share these two products because I use them all the time and I thought you might find them helpful! Hope you guys have an amazing week!