Lucy's 5th birthday 

happy monday

So I threw Lucy a birthday party. It is not the first time I have done this and it is always a lot of fun so I figured I'd take a little time this Monday to write about what I did.

I decided to theme the party "Ice Cream Sunday" since it fell on Sunday and it was National Ice Cream Day. It worked out perfectly too because I was able to find most of the decorations in the Dollar Section at Target for cheap.

I then decided I was going to bake her a cake and while doing research on which *from scratch* cake I should make I found boxed dog cake mix at a local Pet Store downtown. You can also buy it from Amazon here. My only complaint is it comes with too little icing so for Lucy's cake we took the "naked" cake approach (trendy right?). I then decorated with cake toppers from Target and Milk Bones. I served it with Frosty Paws (dog ice cream) and she loved it. 

For presents I wrapped everything in tissue paper so she could open it herself and find the toys and bought her a baby pool for her to play in on hot days. I also dressed her in a 3-6 month bikini that I picked up from the infant section at Walmart and cut the bottom out of. 

Lucy as well as the humans had a blast and I highly recommend throwing your dog a party on their next birthday. Follow Lucy @apupnamedlucy on Instagram for more Lucy cuteness.