nest smart thermostat 

Hey guys! Today I wanted to write about something I purchased recently and that is the Nest Smart Thermostat. I bought the Nest Thermostat because I like the temperature colder while I'm sleeping but I have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings if its too cold. After a lot of research and deciding it was something we could install ourselves I purchased the thermostat for 250 dollars. Now, if you're like me, you will think that price is a little high considering a standard thermostat is about 20 dollars but after using it for a week I can say with confidence I think that it is worth the price. 

Installing it is so easy. The first thing we did was turn off the breaker, remove the standard 24 year old thermostat and check the wires to make sure it was compatible. I was a little worried this fancy thermostat would not be compatible with a thermostat that was installed in 1993 but to my surprise it was and after entering what color wires we had into the Nest website they gave us the exact guide on where to put the wires into the Nest. 

We installed the backboard that came with the Nest to cover the holes our old one (which was much bigger) and I think it looks really nice. Then we screwed the Nest into the wall and connected the wires as the guide showed. After the back part of the thermostat is screwed into the wall you just attach the front with a click. I flipped the breaker back on, connected it to WiFi, and then to my phone so I could control it from there and create a schedule. 

I have created a schedule that keeps it colder at night, warmer in the morning, off while we are at work, and kicks on 30 minutes before Richard gets home from work. It also has an eco mode that is supposed to lower your monthly electric bill. I will edit this post next month and let ya'll know if it has. Hope you guys enjoyed! If you have any questions about the Nest feel free to email me or shoot me a dm and I'll be happy to answer them.