How I hid my cords for under 10 dollars! 

cords before.jpg

This is probably the easiest upgrade I have done to our house yet. I hated the look of these cords and we could not drill into the wall because of fire place. Plus, we change out these cords pretty regularly depending on what we want to watch so I literally thought I was going to hate them forever. Until, a friend shared this awesome idea with me...Cover the cords with lamp cord covers. I hadn't heard of these covers before but I immediately went to Hobby Lobby to find them. They were 9.99 and then with the 40% coupon (that they always have) this project cost me around 6ish dollars with tax. They come in 4 colors and I went with burlap. The covers have velcro down them so all you have to do is open it up, put the cords inside, and velcro it back. It so simple and completely changed the look of my living room. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby in your area similar cord covers are available from Amazon.