the perfect bar cart for entertaining 

Today I wanted to write about what I keep on my bar cart and how I try to stock it with local products. I love my bar cart and is a great conversation piece when entertaining guests.

Before I get into the alcohol I wanted to talk about the cocktail essentials thats I keep on the top shelf. I always have wine stoppers ready and kind of treat them like tupperware because they can be sent home with a guest in the rare occasion that we don't finish a bottle of wine. Next, I always keep my double sided jigger out so I don't have to eyeball the amount of liquor poured into a mixed drink. It just keeps things precise and helps you keep track of the alcohol content in drinks that require more than 2 liquors. Last, I always keep cheap wine glasses and whiskey glasses for easy access. Don't get me wrong, I love serving my guests with my Kate Spade wine glasses at dinner parties but for casual drinks in the living room I keep cheaper glasses at hand.

Now on to the liquors. I pride myself on having a variety and trying to keep the products local. In my collection I always keep a: whiskey, scotch, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, moonshine, and both red and white wines. The wines are pretty much always from wineries in Tennessee. My favorite is from Stonehaus Winery in Crossville. The other things I am able to keep local are moonshine and Gin. The moonshine I currently have is from Old Forge Distillery and is in the flavor Oatmeal Cookie. A tip when serving moonshine is to buy a mason jar spout it makes pouring it a breeze and they're only around 3 dollars. The pink gin I currently have is from Knox Whiskey Works here in Knoxville and is amazing for gin and tonics. I love keeping alcohol local because it turns drinks into conversation pieces. Another tip I have for a great bar car is to have a decanter. The nice thing about decanters is they look expensive therefore people assume the liquor inside is expensive but the truth is this is where I keep my cheaper whiskey. Seems weird, but this is the go to grab when serving dark liquor and it would be expensive to serve our good scotch every time we serve drinks.

Some of my favorite easy drinks to serve are: Pink Gin and Tonics, Vodka Cranberries, and Disaronno with Coke. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Keep and eye out on Instagran for all my latest blog posts. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.