Pura Air Freshener 

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great week so far! Today I wanted to write about a product that I have been absolutely loving lately and that is the Pura Air Freshener. You guys know I love anything smart home related so when Pura asked me to test out their new Smart Air Freshener I was stoked. 

Pura is a "smart" air freshener that you can turn on from anywhere using your smart phone and the Pura app. You can use to app to change the scent, manage multiple rooms, change the color of the night light, put the air freshener on a schedule, and even share your location so that the freshener automatically turns off when you're not home. I think this is so cool because it means you would not waste your scents and order them less often. 

Using the app is super user friendly and I think anyone would love this no matter their age. I like the night light and actually moved mine to my entry way because it lit up my usually dark hallway. 

I also think the price point is pretty good. The device is 79 dollars and scents are only 12 dollars a month after that. Plus Pura has gave me a special discount code to get 25% off your Pura device. Use code "25FORYOU" to get that discount. 

Although I did receive my Pura device for free I didn't have to write a post and I wanted to because I think this is a really innovative device that you guys would enjoy! Use the link below to check them out and check them out on Instagram @Purascents.